karl taylor

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Why Every Day Transactional Email Might Be Your Biggest Missed Opportunity of 2017

There’s already been more than enough said about the importance of fleshing out a robust transactional email program. The truth is that it doesn’t really matter which platform you end up on so long as when it makes sense for your app to notify a user about something you’re doing it happens seamlessly.

There’s been a lot written about the impact regular notifications can have on the experience of using your app or service. I’ve even noticed a handful of particularly savvy teams experimenting with strategies that make it easier to share emails that might otherwise get dismissed as rote.

And while it’s a much more humble component of your digital marketing universe than most of the other things we talk about, there’s something to be said for taking advantage of small opportunities — wherever they present themselves.

You won’t always be able to rely on a single message to fix every problem in your marketing program. Sometimes, you’ll just have to rely that the system works in more cases than it doesn’t. That doesn’t mean that you need to neglect the opportunity to make your small messages matter.

A well timed push notification can make the difference between a daily active and semi-active user. Over time those small changes can mean a big impact on your metrics.

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